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The BearingPoint Story

Transforming their approach to Digital Risk

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Transforming their approach to digital risk

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As an organisation focused on helping businesses to transform digitally, BearingPoint is acutely aware of the importance of data. The company is formed of three divisions, covering transformational consultancy, in-house developed digital assets and partnerships with leading 3rd party software vendors. As a result, they are perfectly positioned to help their customers transform, with the perfect mix of advice and help as well as bespoke and off-the-shelf solutions.

So what makes BearingPoint tick? Well, the heart of the business is the staff they employ; over 4,500 of them. The structure and backbone of the business are provided by the 41 locations they have in 23 countries – supplemented by relationships with nearly 200 partner organisations. But it’s data that provides the lifeblood of the company. From the intellectual property they create to the solutions they develop, deploy and manage for their customers and the systems that keep their operations running smoothly. Being passionate about digital transformation means also being passionate about protecting the data which brings it to life.


The Challenge

Protect business assets and 4,500 staff members working in 23 countries​

Monitor for any traces of breached data from 200 partner organisations

Identify email credential breaches quickly to protect staff


The Solution

Continuous monitoring for threats with instant alerts​

Real data to educate staff on how their information is traded on the Dark Web​

Information on provenance of threats and breaches discovered


The Results

Early detection of supply chain breaches and potential threats​

Skurio's insights promote awareness and best practice​ for employees

Ensures staff can work remotely, keeping their data safe

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What Our Customers Have To Say

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”The ROI of Skurio is clear. We know it works because, when we get alerts, we can instantly see the provenance of breaches. This way, we know straight away if they pose a real threat.”

David Perstl

Security Officer

“The platform, itself, is quick to set up and very intuitive, making it easy to create notifications and search its historical database.”

Brigid Macdonald

IT Manager

”It doesn’t have to be complicated, and that’s what we love about the platform. It’s easy to use and has great functionality.”

Amber Burridge

Head of Fraud Intelligence

"With Skurio, we can easily keep on top of incoming alerts and investigations using a team of two people without impacting their other day-to-day responsibilities”

James Borne

IT Leader

Reduce the risk of cyber threats with Skurio - try it for free for 2 weeks.

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