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The Cifas Story

Helping brands stop fraud in its tracks

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Delivering fraud intelligence to keep members safe

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Cifas helped its members prevent more than £1.5bn in fraud losses in the last year alone. This is good news for the 550 brands from 13 sectors who are Cifas members, and it’s also great news for consumers who are now less likely to fall prey to fraudsters through scams or identity theft.

Cifas members are determined to prevent these kinds of attacks and collaboration is, perhaps, their most effective weapon. Cifas maintains a database that tracks fraud instances reported by members and produces daily bulletins, training, and events to keep members up to date with the latest intelligence.


The Challenge

Understand who is behind the fraud and why a company was targeted​

Predict who might be the next target on the hit list​

A spike in inside threats happening after COVID-19


The Solution

Skurio’s automated monitoring of the surface, deep and Dark Web

Alert notifications allow action sooner to prevent incidents

Collaboration tools allow the team to share results easily


The Results

Targeted results​ based on specific keywords relating to fraud

Instant updates and real-time alerts​as soon as posts appear

Automating information gathering, sharing and reporting

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What Our Customers Have To Say

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”It doesn’t have to be complicated, and that’s what we love about the platform. It’s easy to use and has great functionality.”

Amber Burridge

Head of Fraud Intelligence

“The platform, itself, is quick to set up and very intuitive, making it easy to create notifications and search its historical database.”

Brigid Macdonald

IT Manager

”The ROI of Skurio is clear. We know it works because, when we get alerts, we can instantly see the provenance of breaches. This way, we know straight away if they pose a real threat.”

David Perstl

Security Officer

"With Skurio, we can easily keep on top of incoming alerts and investigations using a team of two people without impacting their other day-to-day responsibilities”

James Borne

IT Leader

Reduce the risk of cyber threats with Skurio - take a free 2-week trial to find out how easy it is.

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