Combatting cyber fraud

Discover how Cifas are combatting the latest cyber fraud techniques

When: Thursday 21st October 11:00am (UK)

In the UK alone, consumers lost an estimated £2.3bn to online fraud scams last year. It’s a big problem and a growing one for small and medium-sized businesses that are also at risk. In this session, we examine how online fraud is evolving and look at what organisations can do to combat it with Amber Burridge – Head of Fraud Intelligence at Cifas.

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  • Hear why fraud is big business for cybercriminals
  • Discover if you could be fooled by the fraudster techniques
  • Uncover the latest scams that could harm your customers
  • Understand the benefits of keeping your business and customers safe and protected from fraud
  • Get answers to your questions on cyber fraud

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Overall fraud will cost the UK more than £137billion this year

... that's a massive number.

From contract fraud to online romance scams, fraud is big business. It's the equivalent of 22,871,452,420 Netflix subscriptions! But, if that doesn't mean anything to you, we've created this handy slider to give meaning to what this number means. Check out this infographic to see how many tanks of petrol it would fill, or how many pairs of cinema tickets it would buy and more...