Protect your data with BreachAlert

We know charities are going to amazing lengths to support their communities, staff and volunteers in this time of crisis. We salute your care, compassion and drive to continue serving the people and causes you care about so much in whatever way you can.

At Skurio, our passion is Digital Risk Protection and we have been concerned to see a dramatic increase in cyber threats (of all kinds) since the start of the outbreak. Phishing attempts, fake news and information have been specifically targeted to play on people’s concerns and fears. We have already provided practical advice for organisations making use of remote working. But this isn’t enough, and we felt it was our responsibility to try to offer as much support as possible to you during this incredibly difficult time.

That’s why we are offering free BreachAlert protection to charities, with no fees and no commitment, until the end of the year.

Using BreachAlert for free will ensure you can discover if your data has already been breached and is being shared on the Dark Web or elsewhere, which could be used to mount attacks now. You will also know if new breaches occur, or if targeted attacks against your organisation are being discussed. We hope things will start to get better in 3 months, but if they don’t we will extend the offer.

We know we’re not saving the world, but we hope these measures can at least provide you with the confidence you need to continue with your digital operations.

How BreachAlert works

BreachAlert monitors surface, deep and Dark Web sources around the clock for instances of your data that appear where they shouldn't. When our automated monitoring detects breached data you are instantly notified so that you can take timely steps to avoid attacks and mitigate risk. This type of monitoring for data specific to your charity provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminates false positives and reduce noise by searching for your specific content.
  • Creates simple targeted alerts to search for your organisation using keywords, email domains, login credentials, IP Addresses, email addresses or account numbers.
  • Monitors surface, deep and Dark Web sources for your data 24x7; including Social Media, IRC chat-rooms and text repository sites like Pastebin.
  • Notifies you of threats or breaches appearing outside your perimeter by SMS, email or Slack, within minutes of your data appearing anywhere it shouldn’t.
  • Reduces impact and cost of a breach with faster breach detection through automation; saving time and effort.

Two ways to access BreachAlert

We understand that you are likely to be very busy securing your operations and keeping your staff and services running, so may not be able to focus on adding new solutions to your IT setup. To make it easier for you to protect your organisation with BreachAlert, we have 2 options for you:

  1. A managed service for smaller organisations, whereby you only need to provide your domain to start. We'll notify you if our monitoring detects emails or mentions of your domain with advice on what action you can take.
  2. If you have an IT or technical resource available, they can have a license to access the BreachAlert solution and training online. This includes email support and an 'ask an analyst' feature should you need help to understand any alerts received.

Case Study: Helping Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now uses Skurio’s BreachAlert solution to proactively monitor the open, deep and Dark Web for data belonging to the organisation.

Brigid MacDonald, IT manager said:

“We have found implementing BreachAlert a seamless process from start to finish. The platform is quick to set up and very intuitive, making it easy to create notifications and search its historical database."

Read the full case study here.