On demand webinar - Reducing the risks of credential breaches

Duration: 47 minutes


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Credential breaches can be the gateway to multiple cyber attacks. Taking a proactive approach to risk reduction can help you avoid future threats.


Why view this session?

  •  How credential breaches happen
  • The murky market of credential trading
  • How your credentials are weaponised and used in follow-on attacks
  • Detecting exposed credentials in hard-to-reach places
  • Avoiding complacency and alert fatigue 
  • How to minimise credential breach impact

According to the Dark Web Price Index, a valid US social security number can cost as little as $2

... that's a shocking statistic.

Criminals buy, sell and share personal data on the Dark Web every day. This data is used for account takeover attacks, identity theft, phishing and fraud campaigns and more. Imagine if it was your personal information being shared? 

As a business, you have a responsibility to protect your customer data - understanding the risks of the Dark Web is your first step to doing this. Read our latest whitepaper on the Risks of the Dark Web for Business today!