Fifty shades of Dark:

The risk of your data being found on the Dark Web or elsewhere


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Recorded at Infosecurity Europe 2019

Why view this session?

If you’re looking for a generic “How bad is the Dark Web?” tutorial – then this webinar is not for you!

If you want to understand why the Dark Web poses a threat to your business and what you can do about it – view now!

In this session, we look beyond the stereotypical use of the Dark Web with one of Skurio's leading analysts to help you:

  • Gain knowledge of real-life cyber threats and the risks they pose - so you can understand what makes your business an attractive target
  • Discover how cyber criminals can defraud your customers without even having to penetrate your network and how to find out whether you are already under attack
  • Learn how automated monitoring helps you identify key threats like fraud, counterfeit goods and planned attacks sooner, so that you can improve analysis, investigation and mitigation