Recorded: Tuesday 12th February
Duration: 1 hour

About this webinar

Protecting your data has always been important, but how can this be guaranteed when your data sits on third-party servers outside your network and outside your control?

Organisations use large numbers of third-party suppliers and cloud services to store and process their corporate data. Whether we use CRM systems, HR software, email marketing systems, or payroll, training and pension providers, our data is already outside the firewall and is at risk of being breached.

View this webinar to learn how the use of unique BreachMarker™ identifiers can widen your corporate threat detection surface. This simple technique allows you to monitor your data held by third-party suppliers, alert you if your data is leaked, hacked, or sold on the Dark Web, and identify the source of the breach.

In a world where a data breach is inevitable, we need to protect our data as well as our networks.